By Harold A. Schwartz

Corrupt politicians, high-stakes finance, sexual intrigue, international terrorism, and revenge.
These are just a few of the elements woven together in this high-tension, fast-paced
and terrifyingly realistic thriller by Harold Schwartz.


To some people, principles are everything. This can mean being a stalwart, dependable hero with a dark past, like Steve Berg, a financial genius working to save the future of the embattled New York City subway system. Or it can apply to a mysterious figure walking the darkened and abandoned subway tunnels at night, biding her time until she can bring down the city she despises, once and for all.

These are the people who fill the pages of To Die For, the incendiary debut novel from new author, Harold A. Schwartz. Full of political intrigue, power grabs, betrayal, and illicit romance, this book is a page-turner with a purpose. Readers will thrill at Schwartz's deeply drawn characters as they fall into the traps their enemies have set for them, testing both their mettle and their character.

What do James Patterson, Tom Clancy and Harold Schwartz have in common?

They all parlayed their careers in finance and their international travels into fuel for gripping, fast-paced thrillers that will hold you in their thrall. With compelling characters caught in impossible circumstances, these authors are master story tellers.

Schwartz's novel takes advantage of his extensive insight into the hidden workings of Wall Street. His worldwide travels have provided him with unique perspective of cultures and their conflicts. The novel is further enriched by his keen understanding of the gritty side of big-city politics, corporate wheeling-and-dealing, and the combustible combination of the two. Read on for a taste of what you'll experience with To Die For.

"This gripping story is a must-read. New York City is a playground for this drama, where polarized cultures clash against the backdrop of corrupt investment companies, Israeli secret agents, a terrorist organization, and elusive politicians."

Dr. Eliezier Nussbaum, MD, FAAP, FCCP, FCCM
Pediatric Pulmonary Division and Fibrosis Center

"A spine-tingling story of business, politics, and terrorism in the heart of New York City."

Michael Levin
New York Times best-selling author

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Deep in the forgotten recesses of the city's subway system,
a woman blinded by hate works to bring down the city she so despises.


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A man trapped between his conscience and his desires
struggles to do what is right, not what he so desperately wants.

About the Author

Following in the footsteps of James Patterson and Tom Clancy, Harold A. Schwartz has parlayed his career in the financial services industry into a successful venture into the world of fiction.

With more than 40 years as a top executive for major Wall Street firms and his own national financial services organization, Schwartz is a nationally sought after speaker and financial educator. He has traveled the country extensively, and has managed to sleep at least one night in every state of the Union.

His international travel for both business and pleasure has taken him to 38 countries and given him fodder for his thrillers. His diverse hobbies, ranging from skiing the Rockies, diving in the Caribbean, or taking the helm of a sailboat have given him a breadth of life experience he brings to bear in his writing.

A father and grandfather, Mr. Schwartz, his wife Karen, and their cat, Ratdog, split their time between their offices in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, and Ormond Beach, Florida.

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Hidden in the shadows, extremists lay plans for mass murder
unaware they're under surveillance by foreign agents . . .
with an agenda of their own.


The Inspiration Behind To Die For

After more than 40 years in the financial services industry, I’ve accomplished my fair share of successes, and I’ve earned a reputation for being a bit of a thrill-seeker. But one thing my friends, family, and colleagues never expected of me was to pen a thriller like To Die For. So, naturally, I’ve gotten a lot of questions from them, all pretty much in the same line of inquiry: what inspired me to write this novel?

For much of my career, I’ve been a constant business traveler. I’m sure you’ve seen the type: the business-suited man – or woman – dragging a small carry-on as he rushes through the terminal trying to make one tight connecting flight after another.

All that time on airplanes and in airports has given me time for two things: opportunity to read thrillers penned by today’s crop of top authors; and plenty of inspiration for a thriller of my own.

I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel far and wide, and each international trip has provided me with glimpses into other cultures so different from my own. In writing this book, I’ve also drawn deeply on that experience as well as my own ventures in Wall Street and the years I have spent in New York.

Thank you for reading To Die For, my first – but definitely not my last – novel. In fact, I'm already at work on my next work of fiction, a story of a family thrown into turmoil by the revelation of an explosive secret. I'm putting the finishing touches on a children's book. And lastly, I'm well into production on an informative business book. I’d love to hear from you – constructive criticism as well as praise – so please use the contact information below to let me know your thoughts.

Until next time!


Will passion trump betrayal?
Just how far does forgiveness go?


We'd love to hear from you and keep you up-to-date on Hal's speaking schedule and events. And be sure to let us know if you'd like to host an event, such as a reading or meet-the-author gathering. Hal is a compelling, entertaining, and enlightening speaker, and will transform an ordinary event into something truly special.

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